Charles Bromley

Position: Debonair Middle Order Batsman

BIO: Great competitor who likes to be involved, always good for a few runs down the order, accomplished fielder. Chas also doubles up as club secretary and is a valued member of the club's committee.

Chris Prentice

Position: All Rounder

BIO: The Killer Kiwi Is a regular at training and has played in almost every game in the last two seasons. A true clubman. Doesn't mind a cheeky cameo with the bat when in the mood!

David Reynolds (Scorer)

Position: Sitting Down

BIO: 'Disco' Dave has been a fixture at the club for the last 3 years since retiring to the island. Loves a chat & being involved. Ladies man.

Graeme Cooper

Position: All Rounder

BIO: 100% Yorkshire, middle order bat & 1st change bowler who has also represented Spain over 40's, likes a drink, doesn't like to pay. Player!

Jim Harvey

Position: Opening Bowler

BIO: The Islands second best barman is certainly the Club's number one left arm practice needed......grrrrrrr.....

Johnno Gordon

Position: Overseas Superstar

BIO: Overseas player who is always in the mix. Hopeless romantic who lets his heart rule his head but great team man. Universally adored by all (except Wimbledon C.C.).

Jonathan Dudding

Position: Bowler

BIO: Dudding's dedication, devotion and daring-do with ball in hand compliments his brash, ballsy and belligerent battling.

Jonny Leighton

Position: All Rounder

BIO: This young Hull hellraiser can turn his hand to bowling and batting so is a handy man to have around. His banter needs working on but still a young lad. He will learn.

Lyn Carpenter

Position: Treasurer/Matriarch

BIO: Backbone of the club who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and stupidly volunteered to get involved. The rest is history!

Martin Makepeace

Position: Right Down The Order

BIO: Former captain, chairman, tea boy, groundsman and batsman of the year 1996. Tall bloke who talks a good game. Beware of his googlies.

Mike Amos

Position: Gives It A Tweak

BIO: Joined the club in 2015 and soon proved himself to be an integral part of the team taking big wickets at important times. Handy slogger down the order too. Great competitor.

Paul Ambrose

Position: Number 11

BIO: What can you say about this ageing playboy that hasm't been said already. a genuine club man who has solidified his position at number 11 over many years. Recently seen on TOWIE.

Paul Cruttwell

Position: Opening Bowler

BIO: Opening bowler who loves to grab the new ball, often not getting his just rewards. Great team man who has just been appointed first XI coach.

Paul Oliver Partridge

Position: Middle Order Batsman

BIO: Keen as mustard and now an integral member of the squad who always gives 100%. He can turn his hand to batting and bowling, you will certainly know if you're playing against him.

Robin Parmenter

Position: Batsman

BIO: Effective 1st change bowler who defies his age, also a decent middle order batsman. Just don't get stuck with him in the bar after the match.

Sam Feasey

Position: All Rounder

BIO: Genuine all rounder who loves being involved, opening bowler/batsman and excellent fielder. Also plays a mean didgeridoo.

Sam Gooda

Position: Captain

BIO: Not only captain but also wicketkeeper batsman. A player who never gives less than 100%, talented behind the sticks and bats up the order. Tough to get out once his eye is in.

Shahid Hannan

Position: Batsman

BIO: Solid batsman up the order who doesn't give away his wicket, likes to chat and can always be heard in the field.

Stephen Balmforth

Position: Heckling from the Sidelines

BIO: Part of the Cumbrian contingent who travel over land & sea, sometimes even with their whites. Quality opening batsman - just don't ask for a quick single.

Steve 'Cocktail' Wilson

Position: The Bar

BIO: Pretty useless cricketer to be honest but an excellent mascot. 4 times 'Luigi Rossi' (funniest man on tour) winner - his only silverware to show for nearly 10 years of service.

Steve Hadlow

Position: All Rounder

BIO: Our man in Del Monte....or is it Africa? Burst onto the scene with a man of the series performance and has continued to contribute with bat and ball..... and banter. Swear box?

Stuart Browne

Position: All Rounder

BIO: The 'Bradford Bomber' has played for the club for over 15 years. Medium pace bowler & pinch hitter middle order batsman means he's invaluable when the going gets tough. Great Club Man.

Tim Stacey

Position: Opening Bat

BIO: Our cool and calm opener....who needs sleep?.......has sparkled with the bat recently and is keen to don the gloves too......we need him...our current keeper(SG) is rubbish!